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As a professional phone psychic medium business Psychic Central, people come to me to connect with those who have crossed over to the Spirit world.  It is therefore perfectly reasonable to have an ordinary man or woman on this plane to be capable of extraordinary things in the Spirit world.

This leads me to share with you my personal knowledge of one of my trusted guides from Psychic Central telephone psychic business, Ben, a former slave. Ben helps me when I do my one-on-one work. I doubt strongly that Ben was an active medium, but I do sense that when he was alive his vibration was one of a kind and that he was a gentleman of larger proportions than most and a man who had come to terms with his place in life. My phone call to this psychic changed my life.

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Psychic Ben A Caring Psychic Central Telephone Reader

Despite his difficult situation, Ben found love with a fellow slave and that union bore a daughter – but Ben was to experience great heartache in being separated from his love and child. They would never reunite in life and this loss stayed with him.

Ben had a sound understanding of his place in life and although he worked hard and showed his owners the respect they expected, deep within his being he knew that there were many wrongs around him. In truth, had Ben had the opportunity to speak freely he would have held no words of respect for those that owned him?

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Ben displayed a quiet determination to make the best of his situation and to stay and face the toils of his life to the best of his abilities. I see that his fellow comrades in slavery looked upon him as a source of strength and an example to follow. His ability to assist others was a natural part of his being. When calling ben you are guaranteed an amazing and caring telephone call. To his owners, his size and strength made him a valuable commodity – but his spirit and bravery were the inspiration to those suffering the same plight.

I am in the privileged position of being chosen by Ben to benefit from his gifts to help me with mine we speak regularly on the phone and his psychic abilities regularly still surprise me on every call. Ben desires to rise above the prejudices he faced – to help regardless of color or creed – and he views situations in a clear and objective way. He is a man of few words, which I see is a trait from his earthly plane, and therefore his messages are often in a direct style.

Ben now enjoys free will and has space which allows his personality to shine. The shackles which restricted him in life have no place in the Spirit world!

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