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Strength here with a small review on the champion Pantheon and you should know the popularity of these games. Pantheon is a excellent ad style fighter. He is able to go against close to all champions with few problems to none. With his passive (Aegis Protection) being able to block the next incoming basic attack or turret attack. Makes him a one of the best turret divers in the game.

Spear Shot (pantheon’s Q): Pantheon hurls a spear at an enemy champion at a distance. This is his main skill that you use. Most people underestimate the power and length this skill. With a impressive 3 second cool down you are pretty much able to spam this skill doing a great deal of damage to the enemy without them being able to do damage back. I say in about 2 minutes in lane your opponent will be either down to 20 percent of health or being really cautious and try to stay back giving you room to farm. As an enemy tries to last hit you can stop them easily be throwing your spear making it close to impossible to farm (unless ranged ad/ap). That will cause the enemy to get frustrated and force farms or   completely back down and turret hug for most of the time. You max this first. 
Aegis Zeonia (Pantheon’s W): Pantheon leaps on an enemy champion that stuns an enemy for 1 second. When I land a stun on a champ I tend to get two basic attacks then after they get out of a stun i throw my Q doing the maximum amount of damage possible. Usually at  one combo the enemy will become very scared of you and be forced to keep a distance once again giving you space to farm. The cool down is relatively but  understandable. I max this last. (Alot of people may disagree with this but this is the way i do it)
Heart Seaker (Pantheon’s E) Pantheon does 3 swift strikes at direction he is facing. This skill is very underrated due to the fact that alot of people don’t know that  once an enemy is at 15% health Pantheon will have a 100% chance of criting. Mean during team fights he rip apart anything that they throw at him. 
Grand Skyfall (Pantheon’s Ultimate R): This skill is what makes Pantheon extreamly annoying. When your low and trying to back at turret if in range Pantheon is able to ult from mid lane to top lane in a 1 second giving you 1 second to respond. Pantheon with his passive being able to block one shot turret shot, (and his second passive when an enemy 15 % making it an automatic crit) is a close to almost certain kill.

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