Peakhillfm89:5  Peak Hill is broadcasting from our 

premises at  1 Fraser Avenue Peak Hill,at a power output of 130

watts and we can be heard thru out Peak Hill and surrounding

areas,with a good antenna.We broadcast 24/7 on a frequency

of 89:5fm which is the bottom end of the FM band.

We can also be listened to thru our ‘LISTEN LIVE’ page 

which is part of this site……..

We had our GRAND OPENING/OPEN DAY on January 22/2012,

and there are a few pics on the page for all to see.We had  a couple

of jumping castles and also the Peak Hill Men’s  Shed cooking and

also the studio was open for all to see.

Peakhillfm89:5 is a small Volunteer Community/Tourist Radio station located in the small village of Peak Hill,

mid way between Parkes & Dubbo,Central West New South Wales on the east coast Of Australia.Peak Hill has

a population of approximately 1013 in town and within 30 kilometer radius the population would be approx 1285,

which consists of small business,farms and also sheep farms.Many people out here are also farmers of wheat, bali,

canola and other products. 

You can tune find out more about Peak Hill thru www. parkes.nsw.gov.au and click onto communities or even thru other sectors of the web site.

The motto of Peakhillfm89:5 is Your Voice in The Central West. You can also find out about US and also Peak Hill thru the website on the top

of this page http://www.peakhill.nsw.au This web site gives you a BIG insite towards Peak Hill.

For those NOT familiar with our nice clean little town,we are approx 48-55kilometers north of Parkes and approx 75 kilometers south of Dubbo

located on the Newell Highway.

A bit about Peak Hill:

We have a population of roughly 1008 in the township,BUT we have a population of about 1285 within the whole metropolis (last sensus)

The station is there to keep the townsfolk,the residents,the visitors and the tourists up to date in general as to what is happening,as the local

newspaper is printed each fortnight and its not always up to date.

The local CTC assists traveler’s with the internet,as does the local Peak Hill Caravan Park who has got a hot spot for wireless internet.

The town operates thru the Vodafone network,as well as Telstra 3G, and in places Optus,BUT that is all.We have a Vodafone tower in

town which supplies communications.We also have got TV stations,Prime 7,WIN 9,Southern Cross 10,ABC 2, SBS and also Austar.(now Foxtel….worst luck)

We are now viewing on HDTV.This commensed late in May 2012

There are many things to see and do in town.We have the Open Cut Experience,(Gold Mine) which is open 7 days a week,its free access

and its open from 9:00am til 4:00pm each day.There is the Visitor Centre’s ,in town,also the Kezzas Arts & Crafts and also the Country Crafts

 shop on the northern end of town,which is open over the weekends.

The local Clubhouse Hotel in town where  Finn Bell, Beetlejuice  will be only to happy to supply you with refreshments as well as a FANTASTIC meal.

There is also the Ex-Sevices & Citizens Club,which will supply you Club facilities as well as chinese & Aussie meals Tuesday to Sunday

The Peak Hill Bowling Club is open and they will fix you with a cold beer. .There is an ATM available

There is take away at the hotel during the afternoon and also at night,Tuesday til Saturday from 12:00noon til 2:00pm &5:00 til 8:00pm.try the good home cooking.

We have a good sort of climate,BUT it can be VERY HOT in summer,temps in town have got up to 45 degrees C and it gets very cold in

winter.We have had it as low as -3 degrees C,so it can be hot and cold.

The people in town are extremely friendly and will help you out at anytime,all you have to do is ask.

We have public toilets in town,we also have got a couple of parks where you can pull up and have your lunch or have a BBQ.

The parks are the Commercial Gardens in the middle of town,OR the Peak Hill Park,where there are swings for the kids as well as toilets.